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#1. Basic translation

  • In this example we translate EDI X12 file into CSV
  • We want to change translation to repeat selected header fields on detail rows
  • Setup header fields to 'Use Previous' value if there is no new value for that header field
  • Double click on the header field to change 'Use Previous' value
  • Run translation few times to get to desired result
  • Save translation using 'Save Fields' so next time we could 'Load Fields' and run same setup

#2. Additional translation settings

  • We visit translation Settings screen and change output file name
  • Use 'Output format' setting to switch output from CSV to Excel output files

#3. Run translation via command line

  • This works on both Windows and Linux
  • First we check that input file exists
  • Then enter --help to get full list of available parameters
  • Only input and license key parameters required for basic execution
  • Use '-fld' parameter to pass file with 'Saved Fields' set inside GUI
  • Other parameters turn on additional features. Please consult documentation
  • License key is available in the GUI under Help-License menu