2 videos

#1. Run EDI Validator and produce 997

  • We switch on EDI X12 997 Acknowledgement output and set option to produce AK2 segments in it
  • Our file has 3 invalid NM1 segments
  • We open resulting EDI X12 997 file in a text editor

#2. Run EDI Validator via command line

  • This works on both Windows and Linux
  • First we check that input file exists
  • Then enter --help to get full list of available parameters
  • Only input and license key parameters required for basic execution
  • Other parameters turn on additional features. Please consult documentation
  • License key is available in the GUI under Help-License menu

Bonus. Pro tips

  • If validation does not even start it is usually because of invalid ISA segment
  • ISA segments have fixed length fields. If any one of the fields has incorrect length validation stops