Extreme Processing

Automate translation, validation, data transfer and other processing with this additional tool. Set up scheduled or interval based processing.

Download Extreme Processing version 1.165, 20-day trial, Windows: XP/2008/2012/Vista/7/8/10


  • Access to local files, network files, FTP, FTPS (FTP over SSL), HTTP, ODBC, POP3, SMTP, MSMQ
  • Setup FileWatch task to watch directory for new incoming files
  • Run data translations and validations once new files come in
  • Setup schedules to run translations or validations at specific times or time intervals.
  • Define processing flow using graphical tool or XML
  • Comes with pre-built tasks for FTP, FTPS, POP3, SMTP, MSMQ, SQL and more
  • Application integration using .NET components (requires Developer SDK license)

Included Tools

  • Processing Editor
  • GUI based job runner
  • Command line job runner
  • Developer SDK for .NET


  1. Guide on EDI automation and use of VAN services PDF file
  2. Extreme Processing Users Manual PDF file